Famous Sunset
          at Cayman Kai,
        Rum Point Beach
   Grand Cayman, B. W. I.
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Grand Cayman
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Rum Point and the Reef that protects it.
"Barefoot Lagoon"-Island House
 Our front door is only 175 feet from the Famous "Rum Point Beach"
(see line arrow in the picture below on the left to see location of Barefoot Lagoon)
Rum Point Beach
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The Rum Point Beach on the North side of the island has always been famous for its picturesque setting, "real" island atmosphere, hammocks on the beach and the wreck bar featuring the best Mudslides in town (a Mudslide is a refreshing frozen drink –– not a natural disaster!) Located on the picturesque north side of the island in the pristine Cayman Kai area, is famous for its island atmosphere, white sandy beach and shallow clear waters and Rum Point Beach. It is an ideal spot for swimming and some of the best snorkeling on Grand Cayman. The beach hammocks, shady trees, picnic tables and delicious food, beckon visitors and locals alike seven days a week.

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Rum Point Beach
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  • Signs of Rum Point Beach
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  •  "Barefoot Lagoon" can barely be seen in the background

    Looking for the essence of island life? Leave the real world behind when you come to the Rum Point Beach in the Cayman Kai area. Once you've arrived, there's something for everyone, young or old! Rum Point Beach has everything you need for the perfect island getaway. A casual and relaxed atmosphere, surrounded by the picturesque casuarinas trees and shallow clear waters it is an ideal spot to take a refreshing swim in our crystal blue waters , stroll across our sandy beaches or try some of best snorkeling on the island. Choose from wind surfers, sailboats, wave runners and water-skiing offered by Red Sail Sports. To add to all this water sports excitement is a glass bottom boat which takes passengers and snorkels to the famous Stingray City/Sandbar and nearby coral reefs.  Changing rooms, showers and lockers add to the new conveniences. Go for a sail, ride a wave runner, try water skiing, bask in the sun on our white sandy beach, have a light lunch or just take a well deserved siesta in one of our many hammocks.
                                Rum Point Pier                                 Rum Point Restaurant                     Wreck Bar & Grill
                                                   Rum Point Gift Shop                           Red Sail Sport Facility


    Enjoy all the water activities supplies by Red Sport Sail Facility, hear the Caribbean rhythms of the local native bands on the Beach or in the restaurant. Also visit the gift store that can supply you with all most anything for the beach and memories. Either by land or sea, the Rum Point Beach is the best place in paradise.

    Rum Point Pier

    Rum Point Restaurant  

    Spectacular Caribbean cuisine prepared in Grand Cayman's only kitchen featuring panoramic views
    of the North Sound. The restaurant's unique Caribbean decor features abstract marine life created by local
    artists and has become an island attraction. Enjoy live entertainment nightly.
    Rum Point Restaurant specializes in seafood, caught by local fishermen on a daily basis.  Certainly the
    opportunity to sample Caribbean cuisine at its best. Reservations are recommended.
    Dinner: Monday through Saturday 5:00PM - 9:00PM

  • The Wreck Bar & Grill  

    Wreck Bar & Grill at Rum Point

    For years, the old thatched roof "Wreck Bar & Grill" was all that marked this popular spot. However,  it was clear that the bar was in need of a facelift (the termites were insisting) and that's exactly what it got!


    Sign at the Wreck Bar & Grill
    "Questions not to Ask"
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    The new Wreck Bar and Grill is now open and, while maintaining the atmosphere of the old bar, the food is delicious and the mudslides (Rum Point's famous frozen drink) just as tasty. Food and drink specials are available  every day and weekends. 
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    Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman                       Red Sail Sports Facility at Rum Point

    If water sports are what you cave for, Red Sail Sports provides everything for you just about 150 feet from your front door. Any water adventures or equipment you might desire.

    Red Sail Sports has opened an impressive new Water Sports Center at Rum Point, with plenty of exciting beach toys for the young at heart along with a full diving and snorkeling trips to world famous Stingray City and the North wall. They also feature diving and snorkeling lessons and jet ski, sunfish, paddleboat, dive and snorkel gear rentals. Choose from wind surfers, sailboats, wave runners and water-skiing. To add to all this waters sports excitement is a glass bottom boat, which takes passengers and sorcerers to the famous Stingray City/Sandbar and nearby coral reefs. Changing rooms, showers and lockers add to the new conveniences.

    Every water sport you would every want and it just 150 feet from your front door. 




    It is quite possible to say that a sunset viewed from the
    beach  at Rum Point is one of life’s truly great pleasures.
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    Discover an undersea world that is so rich in beauty and teeming with magnificent marine life. The excitement of seeing an eagle ray, barracuda, schools of blue chromis or a giant turtle in its natural habitat, offers memories that last a lifetime

    Some of the marine life you will see in the waters at Rum Point Beach.



    Gray Angelfish
    Fairy Basslet
    Queen Angelfish
    Fairy Basslet
    Queen Angelfish
    French Grunt
    Spotlight Parrotfish
    Foureye Butterflyfish
    French Grunt
    Spotlight parrotfish
    Foureye Butterflyfish
    Green Moray
    Longspine Squirrelfish
    Creole Wrasse
    Green Moray
    Longspine Squirrelfish
    Creole Wrasse
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